About us

Kisaragi namesake Restaurant offers Japanese Traditional Cuisine and Sake and is located in Kanda Nishiki area, north of Tokyo Imperial Palace.
Taste the real Japan, enjoying Kisaragi choice of domestic sake and the flavorful, delicate cuisine of the chef Tagaya Shinji. You can also purchase from us Japanese traditional tableware and accessories that reflect the Vintage Style of the Restaurant.
Enjoy the stylish cuisine, the traditional sake and the classy atmosphere.

Kisaragi Mami

The managerKisaragi Mami

Kisaragi Mami is an acclaimed Kimono Stylist, known for creating outstanding looks for celebrities appearing on TV shows, commercial ads and magazines; she herself made several TV appearances wearing flawless Kimono outfits. Outside Japan, she has successfully conducted several collaboration projects and participated in TV shows.
Her Kimono Lessons are very popular: so far, she has taught more than four thousand students how to wear kimonos and match accessories. On January, 2013 her book “Sakaba no onna” (“The Woman of the Bar”) was published, then arranged in a series and published again by Mainichi Shimbun Digital. She keeps on giving concerts of traditional Japanese music and Shamisen, introducing to the public her own version of the classic concepts of “Kimono and Japanese Bar” and “Kimono and Shamisen”. She is a qualified Japanese Sake Sommelier.